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> Dear all
> I am trying to understand partitioning using DMPlexDistribute.
> I see an option “overlap”. Does this determine how many ghost cells are
> added ? Are these determined based on face neighboring cells or vertex
> neighboring cells ?

Its user settable:

> In
> https://www.mcs.anl.gov/petsc/petsc-current/src/ts/examples/tutorials/ex11.c.html
> I see a call to DMPlexConstructGhostCells after DMPlexDistribute. Can you
> explain the purpose of this and how it is related to overlap ?

This is a different thing. It is a way to enforce boundary conditions in
finite volume methods. You make a fake cell on the other side of every
boundary face so that you can put a state there which creates the right
face flux.

> After DMPlexDistribute, how can I identify locally owned cells and ghost
> cells ?

1) Ghost cells are special, not shared with other processors, and marked
with a label

2) Overlap cells are regular cells, and shared with other processes. You
can determine if you own the cell by
    checking whether it is present in the point PetscSF:



> Thanks
> praveen

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