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> Dear all
> In a 2d mesh I save some tags like this
> Physical Line(100) = {1,2};
> Physical Line(200) = {3,4};
> so that I can identify boundary portions on which bc is to be applied.
> How can I access this tag (100,200 in above example) after reading the msh
> file into a DMPlex ?

Plex uses DMLabel objects to store tags like this. You would first retrieve
the label. We store them by name,
determined from the input file. For GMsh I think it should be "Face Sets",

  DMGetLabel(dm, "Face Sets", &label);

You can always check the names using -dm_view. Next you can get all the
point with a given label values using

  DMLabelGetStratumIS(label, 3, &pointIS);

or check the label of a particular point,

  DMLabelGetValue(label, point, &val);



> Thanks
> praveen

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