[petsc-users] Get stiffness matrix by using Petsc's functions

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> Hi,
> I'am using Petsc to solve FEM problems.
> Right now I just use MatSetValue() or MatSetValues() to build up the
> stiffness matrix.
> I wonder can I easily get stiffness matrix by using Petsc's functions.
> By the way, I'am using unstructured grid (DMPlex).

PETSc has some support to generate very simple FEM problems. Almost
everything we can do is shown
in examples. For instance,

  SNES ex12: Poisson
  SNES ex17: Elasticity
  SNES ex62: Stokes
  SNES ex69: nonlinear Stokes
  SNES ex77: large deformation Elasticity
  TS      ex45: Heat equation
  TS      ex46: Navier-Stokes

If those look understandable, then maybe this system is capable of
generating your problem.



Thanks a lot for your help,
> Tsung-Hsing Chen

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