[petsc-users] AGU Session: T003: Advances in Computational Geosciences

Jed Brown jed at jedbrown.org
Mon Jul 22 23:58:22 CDT 2019

If you are thinking about attending the American Geophysical Union Fall
Meeting (Dec 9-13 in San Francisco), please consider submitting an
abstract to this interdisciplinary session.  Abstracts are due July 31.

T003: Advances in Computational Geosciences

This session highlights advances in the theory and practice of
computational geoscience, from improvements in numerical methods to
their application to outstanding problems in the Earth sciences. Common
issues include robust and efficient solvers, multiscale discretizations,
design of benchmark problems and standards for comparison. Increasing
data and computational power necessitates open source scientific
libraries and workflow automation for model setup, 3D feature
connectivity, and data assimilation, and automation in uncertainty
representation and propagation, optimal design of field studies, risk
quantification, and testing the predictive power of numerical
simulations. By bringing these crosscutting computational activities
together in one session, we hope to sharpen our collective understanding
of fundamental challenges, level of rigor, and opportunities for
reusable implementations. Contributions from all areas are welcome,
including, but not limited to, fault modeling, tectonics, subduction,
seismology, magma dynamics, mantle convection, the core, as well as
surface processes, hydrology, and cryosphere.

Confirmed invited presenters: Talea Mayo, Andreas Fichtner


  Jed Brown
      University of Colorado at Boulder
  Alice-Agnes Gabriel
  Georg S Reuber
      Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz
  Nathan Collier
      Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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