[petsc-users] GlobalToLocal between DM and SubDM

Josh L ysjosh.lo at gmail.com
Tue Apr 30 12:18:49 CDT 2019


I have a DM that that has 2 sections:

section_0 has 2 dofs: u, v
section_1 has 1 dofs: p

and a SubDM created by DMCreateSubDM. SubDM only has section_1.

There are a global vector created with DM, and a local vector created with

Can I do GlobalToLocal between this 2 vectors? If yes, which DM should I
use when calling GlobalToLocal.

Basically, I want
a global vec: [u1, v1, p1 u2, v2, p2, u3, v3, p3......]
local vec: [all dof p that belongs to this processor]

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