[petsc-users] Error with VecDestroy_MPIFFTW+0x61

hong at aspiritech.org hong at aspiritech.org
Sun Apr 14 23:05:20 CDT 2019

FFTW interface was written by a summer graduate student many years ago. It
was only used occasionally by users. Shall we continue maintain it? If so,
it needs to be updated. For users, using FFTW directly might be better
instead of using this interface.

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> On Sun, Apr 14, 2019 at 9:44 PM Sajid Ali <
> sajidsyed2021 at u.northwestern.edu> wrote:
>> Thanks for the temporary fix.
>> (PS: I was wondering if it would be trivial to just extend the code to
>> have four mallocs and create a new function but it looks like the logic is
>> much more complicated.)
> You would never ever ever extend this to have 4 vectors, because there
> would be no meaning to the 4th vector. These
> 3 vectors have specific meanings, and can have different parallel layouts.
>   Thanks,
>      Matt
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