[petsc-users] Bad memory scaling with PETSc 3.10

Jed Brown jed at jedbrown.org
Wed Apr 3 17:09:40 CDT 2019

Myriam Peyrounette via petsc-users <petsc-users at mcs.anl.gov> writes:

> Hi all,
> for your information, you'll find attached the comparison of the weak
> memory scalings when using :
> - PETSc 3.6.4 (reference)
> - PETSc 3.10.4 without specific options
> - PETSc 3.10.4 with the three scalability options you mentionned
> Using the scalability options does improve the memory scaling. However,
> the 3.6 version still has a better one...

Yes, this still looks significant.  Is this an effect we can still
reproduce with a PETSc example and/or using a memory profiler (such as
massif or gperftools)?  I think it's important for us to narrow down
what causes this difference (looks like almost 2x on your 1e8 problem
size) so we can fix.

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