[petsc-users] Integrate command line arguments -bv_type vecs -bv_type mat to python code

Jan Grießer griesser.jan at googlemail.com
Wed Apr 3 06:05:21 CDT 2019

Hello, everybody,
I use Splec4py to solve the lowest eigenvalues and corresponding
eigenvectors of systems up to 20 Mio x 20 Mio. My problem so far was that
the base was too big. On advice here in the forum I always added -bv_type
vecs -bv_type mat to the command line, what solved my problems. I don't
always want to execute these two commands on the command line, but I want
to define them directly in the python code before E.solve() is called.
However, I'm not quite sure how to call these functions correctly in
Currently I do it like this
 bv = SLEPc.BV().create()
bv.setType(Mat), E.setBV(bv)

Could you tell me if that's correct?
Thank you very much in advance!
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