[petsc-users] Using PETSc for performance evaluation, tuning on multicore machines

Najeeb Ahmad nahmad16 at ku.edu.tr
Wed May 23 05:10:18 CDT 2018

Hi All,

I am a PhD student in parallel computing working on unstructured meshes
optimizations on multicore architectures. For this purpose, I want to use a
simple block Jacobi iterative solver using unstructured meshes to see how I
can improve performance of the solver on a multicore machine (KNL for
example). I wanted to know if PETSc can be good choice for this purpose?
Will it allow me to experiment with data layout, compiler optimizations
(e.g. AVX512) etc.?

I thank you for your assistance and useful feedback.

*Najeeb Ahmad*

*Research and Teaching Assistant*
*PARallel and MultiCORE Computing Laboratory (ParCoreLab) *

*Computer Science and Engineering*
*Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey*
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