[petsc-users] Parallel QR decomposition

Smith, Barry F. bsmith at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Jul 19 22:19:03 CDT 2018

  For what purpose do you need a QR? We may have suggestions if we know how you want to use it.


> On Jul 19, 2018, at 6:51 AM, David Sommer <david97sommer at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> i was wondering if there is an implementation of parallel qr decomposition in PETSc. I was looking at 
>     http://www.mcs.anl.gov/petsc/documentation/linearsolvertable.html
> but all i found was this non-parallel MATLAB-Solver. Am i searching in the wrong place?
> Best regards,
> David Sommer 
> <david97sommer at gmail.com>

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