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> Thanks Matt.
>>> 2) Is there a way to reuse the KSP for (1) to efficiently solve (2),
>>> given the method which answers question 1) ?
>> Not really, unless you use some type of factorization for the
>> preconditioner.
> Can you elaborate?
> ​I know that KSP can efficiently solve linear systems with the same matrix
> but different right-hand sides, just by calling KSPSolve successively.
> Will this be impossible within the nonlinear solver after calculating the
> nullspace?​
This is what I was referring to. KSP reuse only works if you have some
factorization preconditioner. In that case, KSP
will keep it around if you call KSPSolve() again with a different rhs. You
can do that same thing in your case.


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