[petsc-users] Can PetscSections of a DMPlex be written out and read in with HDF5?

Jordan Wagner j.wagner at rice.edu
Fri Jul 13 08:17:25 CDT 2018


In my code, I have a separate preprocessing script that I usually run in 
serial to set up various things for my solver. One of the things I want 
the preprocessor to do is setup everything related to the DMPlex, and 
then I write it out to an HDF5 file to be read in the main solver. In 
the preprocessor, I have everything set up how I want it as far as the 
DM and have created and specified a default section. My problem is that 
when reading the resulting HDF5 file with DMLoad in my main solver, it 
doesn't look like I have the default section anymore. Most everything 
else, such as the labels, seem to be working fine. Is there a way to 
make the DMView/DMLoad functions write/read the default sections as 
well? That way I can immediately run DMPlexDistribute and have 
everything distributed right off the bat in the main solver.

Thanks a lot!


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