[petsc-users] Distributing already assembled stiffness matrix

Jaganathan, Srikrishna srikrishna.jaganathan at fau.de
Wed Oct 18 04:14:57 CDT 2017


I have been trying to distribute a already existing stiffness matrix in 
my FEM code to petsc parallel matrix object , but I am unable to find 
any documentation regarding it. It was quite straightforward to create a 
sequential petsc matrix object and everything was working as intended.I 
have read some of the user comments in the mailing lists regarding 
similar situation and most of the times the solution suggested is to 
create stiffness matrix from the the mesh in distributed format. Since 
its a little difficult in my case to pass the mesh data in the code , is 
there anyway to distribute already existing stiffness matrix ?

Thanks and Regards

Srikrishna Jaganathan

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