[petsc-users] consistence of PETSC/SLEPC with MPI, BLACS, SCALAPACK calls...

Jose E. Roman jroman at dsic.upv.es
Mon Nov 27 03:33:55 CST 2017

You have PetscInt, PetscBLASInt and PetscMPIInt.

Presumably ScaLAPACK uses the same integer length as BLAS, so you should use PetscBLASInt variables for the arguments of ScaLAPACK subroutines. See also the documentation for PetscBLASIntCast()

Similarly for MPI calls with PetscMPIInt.


> El 27 nov 2017, a las 10:12, Giacomo Mulas <gmulas at oa-cagliari.inaf.it> escribió:
> Hello.
> I am using, within the same C code, both SLEPC/PETSC and Scalapack/Blacs. On the big parallel machine on which I do production runs, I compiled
> SLEPC/PETSC with the "--known-64-bit-blas-indices" and
> "--with-64-bit-indices" options, linking them with the ilp64 version of the
> Intel MKL libraries, while on the workstation on which I do the development
> I use the standard libraries provided by the (debian, in my case) packaging
> system.  For Slepc/Petsc themselves I just use the PETSC data types and this
> automagically defines integers of the appropriate size on both machines.
> However, when using BLACS, Scalapack and MPI directly in the same code, I
> will obviously need to use consistent function definitions for them as well. Do I need to set up some complicated independent #ifdef machinery for this
> or are there some appropriate PETSC data types that I can use that will
> ensure this consistency?  Of course I am including slepc/petsc include
> files, so all PETSC data types are defined according to the local
> PETSC/SLEPC options.  Can some PETSC developer give me some hint on how to
> make my MPI, BLACS, SCALAPACK (and PBLAS etc.) calls clean and consistent
> with this? Perhaps even referring to some examples in the PETSC source code
> that I can read and take as a reference for this.
> Thanks in advance
> Giacomo
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