[petsc-users] Auxiliary fields for multigrid

zakaryah . zakaryah at gmail.com
Sat Nov 18 23:40:29 CST 2017

Ok, thanks for the suggestions.
​I'd like to check that I understand the approach.

I create one DMDA for the variables to be solved by the SNES.  That DMDA
will be coarsened and refined by the options I pass to e.g. FAS.  In my
user context struct, I can have a second DMDA for the auxiliary fields.  At
each coarsening or refinement of the solution variable DMDA, I add a hook
to simultaneously coarsen or refine the auxiliary fields.  I suppose I can
store the results of those operations in a third DMDA in the user context
struct, because I'll need to access them from the SNES Function and
Jacobian routines.  Does that sound right?​
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