[petsc-users] Help with PETSc signal handling

Gard Spreemann gspr at nonempty.org
Fri Nov 10 05:47:07 CST 2017

On Friday 10 November 2017 04:09:08 CET Smith, Barry F. wrote:
> Why not have an input option of the time limit for the run and each "iteration" or whatever (maybe in a post step function) check if you getting close to the time-limit and then do what you need. If each "iteration" takes a long time and you are afraid the program will end before it checks the next time at the end of an iteration you could track record the time of each iteration so your monitor routine knows how long a timestep takes and can estimate if another timestep is possible within the current amount of time you have available and if there is not enough time triggers the saving.

Yeah, this is my fallback idea. Thanks, and thanks also to Jose Roman
for pointing out the example.

 -- Gard

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