[petsc-users] SNES error

Mark Adams mfadams at lbl.gov
Mon May 1 19:14:56 CDT 2017

I get this SNES failure and I don't understand what the problem is. The
rtol is 1.e-6 and the first iteration reduces the residual by 9 orders of
magnitude. Yet, TS is not satisfied. What is going on here?

mpiexec -n 1 ./vml -v_coord_cylinder -x_dm_refine 2 -v_dm_refine 2
-snes_rtol 1.e-6 -snes_stol 1.e-6 -ts_type cn -snes_fd -pc_type lu
-ksp_type preonly -x_petscspace_order 1 -x_petscspace_poly_tensor
-v_petscspace_order 1 -v_petscspace_poly_tensor -ts_dt .1 -ts_max_steps 10
-ts_final_time 1e10 -verbose 3 -num_species 1 -snes_monitor -masses 1,2,4
-thermal_temps 30,30,30  -domainv_lo -2,-2 -domainv_hi 2,2 -domainx_lo
-12,-12 -domainx_hi 12,12 -E 0,0 -blobx_radius 2 -x_dm_view hdf5:x.h5
-x_vec_view hdf5:x.h5::append -v_dm_view hdf5:v.h5 -v_vec_view
hdf5:v.h5::append -x_pre_dm_view hdf5:prex.h5 -x_pre_vec_view

   0 SNES Function norm 4.097052680599e+00
    1 SNES Function norm 1.213148652908e-09
[0]PETSC ERROR: --------------------- Error Message
[0]PETSC ERROR: TSStep has failed due to DIVERGED_NONLINEAR_SOLVE, increase
-ts_max_snes_failures or make negative to attempt recovery
[0]PETSC ERROR: See http://www.mcs.anl.gov/petsc/documentation/faq.html for
trouble shooting.
[0]PETSC ERROR: Petsc Development GIT revision: v3.7.6-3659-g699918129c
 GIT Date: 2017-04-26 08:18:35 -0400
[0]PETSC ERROR: ./vml on a arch-macosx-gnu-O named MarksMac-5.local by
markadams Mon May  1 19:21:32 2017
[0]PETSC ERROR: Configure options --with-cc=clang --with-cc++=clang++
COPTFLAGS="-O3 -g -mavx2" CXXOPTFLAGS="-O3 -g -mavx2" FOPTFLAGS="-O3 -g
-mavx2" --download-mpich=1 --download-parmetis=1 --download-metis=1
--download-hypre=1 --download-ml=1 --download-triangle=1
--download-ctetgen=1 --download-p4est=1 --with-x=0 --download-superlu_dist
--download-superlu --download-ctetgen --with-debugging=0 --download-hdf5=1
PETSC_ARCH=arch-macosx-gnu-O --download-chaco --with-viewfromoptions=1
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