[petsc-users] TSSetExactFinalTime Behavior Without TSAdapt

Paul Urbanczyk gomer at stanford.edu
Fri Jun 3 10:23:31 CDT 2016


I recently upgraded to the latest version of PETSc (3.7.1) from the git 

Running my code gave me an error message about TSSolve being in the 
wrong state and needing to call TSSetExactFinalTime.

I added this function call with TS_EXACTFINALTIME_STEPOVER, but when I 
re-ran my code, I got a seg fault and error messages pointing to 

After fiddling around for a while, I found that I now needed to 
explicitly set the time step adaptation through TSAdaptSetType.

Can anyone confirm that this is so? If so, it might be helpful to note 
that in documentation or error messages somewhere.



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