[petsc-users] Basic vector calculation question

Salazar De Troya, Miguel salazardetro1 at llnl.gov
Wed Jan 27 11:34:09 CST 2016


Suppose I have four vectors A,B, C and D  with the same number of components. I would like to do the following component wise vector operation:

(A – B)  / (C + D)

I could calculate A-B and C+D  and store the results in temporary PETSc vector temp_result1 and temp_result2 (I need to keep A,B, C and D unchanged) and then call VecPointwiseDivide(temp_result1,temp_result1,temp_result2) and get my result in temp_result1.

On the other hand, to avoid creating two temporary PETSc vectors, I could call VecGetArray()/VecRestoreArray() on the four vectors, iterate over the local indices and perform the same operations at once and store the result in another vector. What is the best way and why? I think that VecGetArray() creates temporary sequential vectors as well. I’m not sure if this is what the above mentioned PETSc routines internally do.


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