[petsc-users] Segmentation error when calling PetscBarrier

TAY wee-beng zonexo at gmail.com
Mon Jan 4 21:34:23 CST 2016


Ya sorry, that should be the tool to use. Was having some problems using 
MPI with the debugger.

I managed to run it as a serial code now.

My problem is that on the cluster, it works with the gnu fortran. But 
using Intel compiler, I get segmentation error at some point when 
running the opt ver. The debug ver works fine.

I am trying to find if the error is due to a bug in Intel, or it's my 
own problem.

Another thing is that on another cluster, the Intel opt ver works, but 
that's using a newer ver of the compiler.

I hope to get the Intel one working if possible, because it's about 30% 

So now coming back to the gdb, it worked fine using the debug ver of the 
code. But when using the opt ver, it only shows segmentation fault. When 
the X-window appears, the code has already exited. I am already using -g 
during compile.

So how should I debug it? The error seems to be when I tried to call 
DMDAVecRestoreArrayF90, although I still need to be more certain.

Thank you

Yours sincerely,

TAY wee-beng

On 5/1/2016 10:32 AM, Barry Smith wrote:
>    You are missing the ,ierr which BTW you would have caught immediately if you used the debugger.
>    Barry
>    The debugger is not a scary monster, it is one of your best friends.
>> On Jan 4, 2016, at 7:28 PM, TAY wee-beng <zonexo at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am trying to debug my CFD Fortran MPI code. I tried to add:
>> call PetscBarrier(PETSC_NULL_OBJECT); if (myid==0) print *, "xx"
>> to do a rough check on where the error is. xx is a different number for each line.
>> I found that whenever I add this line, the code aborts with segmentation error.
>> I am using the Intel compiler. Is there any error with my usage?
>> -- 
>> Thank you
>> Yours sincerely,
>> TAY wee-beng

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