[petsc-users] Compiling petsc with a user-defined MUMPS directory

Natacha BEREUX natacha.bereux at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 10:22:11 CDT 2016

I am trying to compile Petsc  (3.6.3) with external packages (MUMPS and its
More precisely I would like PETSc to use a pre-installed version of MUMPS.

Petsc downloads and compiles the prerequisites (parmetis, scalapack etc) :
this works fine.

I define MUMPS location by --with-mumps-dir=top-directory of MUMPS install,
but the
configure step  fails with the followiing message:

UNABLE to CONFIGURE with GIVEN OPTIONS    (see configure.log for details):
--with-mumps-dir=/home/H03755/Librairies/Mumps_MPI did not work

I do not understand what is wrong.
I have attached the configure.log file.

Any hint would be greatly appreciated !
Best regards,

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