[petsc-users] Weird behavior for log_summary

Jed Brown jed at jedbrown.org
Mon Jun 8 13:54:16 CDT 2015

Michele Rosso <mrosso at uci.edu> writes:

> Jed,
> In the petscconf.h I have
> #ifndef PETSC_USE_LOG
> #define PETSC_USE_LOG 1
> #endif
> so I guess that is not the problem.
> I run ex50: I attached the output. It does prints the summary.
> The I guess there is something wrong with my code. 
> I call mpi_init before petsc_initialize and then I finalize everything
> with petsc_finalize. 

Uh, there is no petsc_finalize (it's spelled PetscFinalize), but
remember that it doesn't finalize MPI unless PetscInitialize called

> I do not believe I added any other command that could turn off the
> log_summary output.

Then incrementally figure out what is different between your code and
the example.  Or use a debugger to track down the difference.
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