[petsc-users] Null space/Near null space

Young, Matthew, Adam may at bu.edu
Fri Jul 24 10:25:32 CDT 2015

Thanks for the feedback, everyone. My null space is simply the constant vectors and I am setting MatSetNullSpace based on code I had been testing with other PC/KSP options, which grew out of examples. GMRES/BoomerAMG seems to be the best fit for my problem but I stumbled upon that via experimentation (Hurray for KSP/PCSetFromOptions!), rather than via a more informed analysis. I am still in the process of learning about both the GMRES algorithm and multigrid in general, so I asked this question in case it turned out that I could improve my working code.

I'd be interested in that interface to HYPRE_BoomerAMGSetInterpVectors, if it makes it into PETSc.


Matthew Young
Graduate Student
Boston University Dept. of Astronomy

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> On Jul 23, 2015, at 3:42 AM, Lawrence Mitchell <lawrence.mitchell at imperial.ac.uk> wrote:
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> On 22/07/15 23:57, Barry Smith wrote:
>> If your matrix has a null space you should always be setting
>> MatSetNullSpace.
>> If you know the near null space then you should also always set it
>> (it cannot do any harm) because some preconditioners can take
>> advantage of it.
>> I do not think PETSc currently has code that transfers near null
>> space information to hypre; I do not know if hypre has any
>> algorithms that can take advantage of it. Only some AMG multigrid
>> methods can utilize near null space information.
> FWIW, the HYPRE manual suggests yes:
> If the block size is set (PETSc already does this) and nodal systems
> coarsening is requested (PETSc has an option for this) then one can
> provide the near null modes with HYPRE_BoomerAMGSetInterpVectors,
> passing an array of Vecs (PETSc does not do this last step).

   Thanks. So someone should make this small code addition plus a test case that utilizes it to demonstrate that it functions and wrap that up in a pull request.


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