[petsc-users] SuperLU MPI-problem

Mahir.Ulker-Kaustell at tyrens.se Mahir.Ulker-Kaustell at tyrens.se
Mon Jul 20 09:38:51 CDT 2015

Dear Petsc-Users,

I am trying to use PETSc to solve a set of linear equations arising from Naviers equation (elastodynamics) in the frequency domain.
The frequency dependency of the problem requires that the system

                             [-omega^2M + K]u = F

where M and K are constant, square, positive definite matrices (mass and stiffness respectively) is solved for each frequency omega of interest.
K is a complex matrix, including material damping.

I have written a PETSc program which solves this problem for a small (1000 degrees of freedom) test problem on one or several processors, but it keeps crashing when I try it on my full scale (in the order of 10^6 degrees of freedom) problem.

The program crashes at KSPSetUp() and from what I can see in the error messages, it appears as if it consumes too much memory.

I would guess that similar problems have occurred in this mail-list, so I am hoping that someone can push  me in the right direction...


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