[petsc-users] Nodes coordinates in distributed dmplex

Alejandro D Otero aotero at fi.uba.ar
Thu Jul 9 07:42:43 CDT 2015

Hi, sorry if this is an obvious question, but I cannot figure out how to
recover finite element nodes coordinates once I have distributed a mesh
stored as a dmplex. I am using petsc4py as interface to petsc rutines.

I first created a dmplex using:

In a sequential run I got the coordinates with:
Coords = dm.getCoordinates()

which gave a sequential vector with the coordinates of the mesh nodes.

When I distribute the mesh with:

each mpi process has it own dm but the indexing of the vector resulting
from getCoordinates() or getCoordinatesLocal() seems not consistent with
the local numbering of the cells and nodes.

Which is the correct way of doing this in PETSc philosophy?

Thanks in advance,
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