[petsc-users] Monte carlo for eigenvalue problem in paralle

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On Wed, Jan 21, 2015 at 9:51 AM, siddhesh godbole <
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> Hello,
> I want to execute Monte Carlo simulations for eigenvalue problem in
> parallel with PETSC. i am using LAPACKsygvx function to compute all the
> eigenvalues. Now the problem i am facing is that, i think LAPACKsygvx
> requires Matrices to be declared as MATSEQDENSE, and this sequential type
> is not allowing me to execute this program on multiple processors.
> How should i go about this problem? can i use different communicators or
> something? Please help!

Do you need all the eigenvalues? If so, you can try to use Elemental, with
the development version of PETSc.



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