[petsc-users] Libraries destination directory is non-standard

Juan Luis Cano juanlu001 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 9 11:51:14 CST 2015

Hello Satish, I reply you inline:

On 2015-01-08 21:46, Satish Balay wrote:
> For one - I think each external package should be packaged separately
> - and packagers should not rely on --download-package functionality.

Fair point. Doing it this way was just easy, but you are right I should 
decouple the external packages. That is unrelated to my problem though.

> Secondly - petsc/umfpack etc libs will get installed in
> $PREFIX/lib/python2.7/site-packages/petsc/lib only if petsc is
> configured with the option:
> --prefix=$PREFIX/lib/python2.7/site-packages/petsc/lib
> Perhaps there is an error here? You can check [or send us]
> configure.log created by PETSc.

Actually this is unsurprising to me, because all Python modules (i.e. 
those installed via 'python setup.py install') go to 
$PREFIX/lib/python2.7/site-packages, and I didn't expect petsc to be an 

After reading your reply I inspected the resulting files and probably 
PETSc is not meant to be there, which makes me wonder if I should use 
the Python installer in the first place. The 'setup.py' way is mentioned 
nowhere in the docs...

I just switched to traditional './configure && make' and now the 
libraries are where I wanted. I had to specify PETSC_DIR though when 
building petsc4py but that is fine. I should probably take the same path 
with slepc.

Problem solved! But what is the status of the setup.py installation 
procedure then?

Answering Barry too:

On 2015-01-09 00:58, Barry Smith wrote:
>   2) For the longer term we'd like to make it trivial for  things work as you desire. We've revamped our installation process in the developer version of PETSc http://www.mcs.anl.gov/petsc/developers/index.html (git branch barry/namespace-install) and would be happy to work with you to get that version to to have the support you require. I'm guessing that we could add an optional argument to our setup.py that allows you to bypass the extra 'petsc' in the installation directory and we'd be happy to add that.

Thanks for your support. Perhaps this is not needed anymore given the 
above, but what are the changes that you introduced specifically? As 
there is no readme it is difficult to me to figure it out, as I am not 
familiarized with PETSc source code...

Juan Luis

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