[petsc-users] Slow MatAssemblyBegin MAT_FINAL_ASSEMBLY

Dave May dave.mayhem23 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 02:58:17 CST 2015

On 17 December 2015 at 08:06, Jose A. Abell M. <jaabell at ucdavis.edu> wrote:

> Hello dear PETSc users,
> This is a problem that pops up often, from what I see, in the mailing
> list. My program takes a long time assembling the matrix.
> What I know:
>    - Matrix Size is (MatMPIAIJ) 2670402
>    - Number of processes running PETSc: 95
>    - Not going to virtual memory (no swapping, used mem well withing each
>    node's capacity)
>    - System is partitioned with ParMETIS for load balancing
>    - I see memory moving around in each node (total used memory changes a
>    bit, grows and then frees)
>    - Matrix is filled in blocks of size 81x81 (FEM code, so this ends up
>    being a sparse matrix)
>    - I don't do flushes at all. Only MAT_FINAL_ASSEMBLY when all the
>    MatSetValues are done.
> Should I do MAT_FLUSH_ASSEMBLY even though I have enough memory to store
> the buffers? If so, how often? Every 100 blocks?
> What else could it be?
> Its taking several hours to asseble this matrix. I re-use the sparsity
> pattern, so subsequent assemblies are fast. Does this mean that my
> preallocation is wrong?

The preallocation could be wrong. That is the usual cause of very slow
matrix assembly. To confirm this hypothesis, run your code with the command
line option -info. You will get an enormous amount of information in
stdout. You might consider using -info with a smallish problem size / core

Inspect the output generated by -info and look for lines like this:

[1] MatAssemblyEnd_SeqAIJ(): Number of mallocs during MatSetValues() is 0

If the number of mallocs during MatSetValues() is not zero, then your
preallocation is not exactly correct. A small number of mallocs, say less
than 10, might be accepted (performance wise). However if the number of
mallocs is > 100, then assembly time will be terribly slow.


> Regards,
> --
> José Abell
> *PhD Candidate*
> Computational Geomechanics Group
> Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering
> UC Davis
> www.joseabell.com
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