[petsc-users] Release canditate?

Jed Brown jed at jedbrown.org
Mon Dec 14 10:09:10 CST 2015

Eric Chamberland <Eric.Chamberland at giref.ulaval.ca> writes:
> I see.  In fact, I was thinking of 3.6.4.rc1, 3.6.4.rc2, then 3.6.4, 
> followed by 3.6.5.rc1, 3.6.5.rc2, then 3.6.5, etc...

Those patch releases are only bug fixes, not new features.  I'm not
aware of PETSc having a problem of introducing bugs in these patch
releases and I think vanishingly few users have the patience or interest
in testing them.  I recommend using 'maint' (via Git or tarball) if you
want the latest bug fixes.

> I think I might script something here to wget the tarball, compile it 
> and run tests automatically with the petsc-master.tar.gz...  so as soon 
> as some problem appears with our usage or the forthcoming petsc, we will 
> be able to give feedback...  maybe I could wget it only if your nightly 
> tests are ok?  Hmmm, maybe your nightly tests could update a symlink or 
> something "friendly" to wget only if all tests are ok?  For example, if 
> all tests are sufficiently ok, maybe you could update something like a 
> "latest-good-petsc-master.tar.gz" which I could wget unconditionally? 
> Just an idea...

It is a technical challenge to have a proof positive "everything is
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