[petsc-users] petsc KLU

Romain Thomas R.Thomas at tudelft.nl
Fri Aug 14 09:23:16 CDT 2015

Dear PETSc users,

I would like to know if I can replace the following functions

MatLUFactorNumeric(Mat fact,Mat mat,const MatFactorInfo *info)
MatLUFactorSymbolic(Mat fact,Mat mat,IS row,IS col,const MatFactorInfo *info)
MatLUFactor(Mat mat,IS row,IS col,const MatFactorInfo *info)


MatLUFactorNumeric_KLU(Mat F,Mat A,const MatFactorInfo *info)
MatLUFactorSymbolic_KLU(Mat F,Mat A,IS r,IS c,const MatFactorInfo *info)
MatGetFactor_seqaij_klu(Mat A,MatFactorType ftype,Mat *F)

in my code for the simulation of electrical power systems? (I installed the package SuiteSparse)

Thank you,
Best regards,
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