[petsc-users] Profiling/checkpoints

Justin Chang jychang48 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 4 17:09:11 CDT 2015

Hi all,

Not sure what to title this mail, but let me begin with an analogy of what
I am looking for:

In MATLAB, we could insert breakpoints into the code, such that when we run
the program, we could pause the execution and see what the variables
contain and what is going on exactly within your function calls. Is there a
way to do something like this within PETSc?

I want to see what's going on within certain PETSc functions within
KSPSolve. For instance, -log_summary says that my solver invokes calls to
functions like VecMDot and VecMAXPY but I would like to know exactly how
many vectors each of these functions are working with. Morever, I would
also like to get a general overview of the properties of the matrices MatPtAP
and MatMatMult are playing with (e.g., dimensions, number of nonzeros, etc).


Above functions happen to be invoked from gamg, so is it possible to tell
just from the parameters fed into PETSc what the answers to the above may

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