[petsc-users] problem with MatShellGetContext

Nicolas Pozin nicolas.pozin at inria.fr
Mon Aug 3 09:13:08 CDT 2015

Hello everyone, 

I am having trouble using MatShellGetContext. 

Here's the simple test I did : 

typedef struct{ 
PetscInt testValue; 
Mat matShell; 
KSP currentCtx; 
} AppCtx; 

AppCtx context1; 
MatCreateShell(PETSC_COMM_WORLD, nl, nl, nL, nL, context1.currentCtx, &context1.matShell); 

AppCtx context2; 
MatShellGetContext(context1.matShell, (void*)&context2); 

It happens that context2.testValue is different from 18. 

Any would have a clue on what I miss? 

thanks a lot, 

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