[petsc-users] TAO IPM

David Knezevic david.knezevic at akselos.com
Wed Apr 22 20:34:25 CDT 2015

I'm interested in trying out TAO IPM for constrained optimization with
inequality, equality and bound constraints. I implemented a test case based
on the "toy example"
and it works well.

But I noticed the following comment in the documentation
"This algorithm is more of a place-holder for future constrained
optimization algorithms and should not yet be used for large problems or
production code."

So I was wondering what the status of this is? Is there anything that
specifically doesn't work, or is it just not production-ready at this
stage? (I didn't see any documentation about IPM in the TAO manual, so I
figured I'd ask here).

If IPM isn't recommended at this stage, is there anything else in TAO that
works for generally constrained problems?

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