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You can find the current list of preconditioners on line 40 here:


You can click on the names to be taken to man pages.

However, since preconditioners are by nature problem-dependent, it's a better idea to try to look up what might be an appropriate preconditioner for your system and then see how to use PETSc to apply it. There's a high probability that what you need is supported either natively by PETSc or as Jed's note demonstrates, through interfaces to external libraries (of which there are a large number - run ./configure -help to get an idea of the options available and the configure flags to use them)

> Il giorno 16/apr/2015, alle ore 23:54, huaibao zhang <huaibao.zhang at gmail.com> ha scritto:
> Hello there,
> I have been confused of the extent of the available preconditioners in PETSc for a while. Here are the lists I got from one slide of a lecture notes saying
> Block Jacobi,
> Jacobi,
> Overlapping Additive Schwarz,
> ICC, ILU (sequential only)
> ILU(K), LU(direct solver, sequential only)
> sor
> etc.
> But in some other sources, only LU is highlighted with "sequential only". Which one is correct? I am using MATCreateAIJ to construct my A. Which preconditioner is available to me? By the way, I  tested asm, ilu, icc, and they all failed. 
> Thanks,
> Paul
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