[petsc-users] Paraview 3.x

Sanjay Kharche Sanjay.Kharche at manchester.ac.uk
Thu Apr 16 22:57:41 CDT 2015


My grid is rectilinear with equal spacing in all directions, it is a regular structured grid. As of now, I am working through the various versions of paraview on my Fedora/Linux as well as a apple mac (debian) to find a working balance version of paraview for my purpose. It seems this discussion may be more for another list than this one. I will still elaborate. 

When I load the 3D vts structured grid (output from my 3D petsc based program) into paraview 3.4, I do not get an option to render volume. There are no error messages. The best I can do is get an isosurface or threshold the data. When I used paraview 4.3.1 distro binary, I can viz it but the controls are different. I spend some time getting familiar with the controls yesterday. My pvbatch scripts are going to be remade if I am to go down the 4.3.1 route. Another fix I implemented is that to do a binary output, and then post-process so that my current set up of paraview/vtk still works.


From: Jed Brown [jed at jedbrown.org]
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To: Sanjay Kharche; petsc-users at mcs.anl.gov
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Sanjay Kharche <Sanjay.Kharche at manchester.ac.uk> writes:

> Hi
> I have 3D output in vts format produced using PetscViewerVTKopen and
> VecView. I cannot volume render the data using paraview 3.x.

Can't open it at all or can't volume render it?  Do you get an error message?

> The latest version of paraview (4.2.x) can visualise it.

Why not use current Paraview?

> How can I make 3D vts output that is compatible with paraview 3.x?

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