[petsc-users] Paraview 3.x

Håkon Strandenes haakon at hakostra.net
Thu Apr 16 14:54:17 CDT 2015

I does at least know that Paraview *used to* only support volume 
rendering for unstructured grid data and voxel datasets, i.e. datasets 
in which the grid spacing is constant along each direction (but 
different spacing in the different directions are allowed). The volume 
rendering capabilities did at least not previously support rectilinear 
grids with non-uniform spacing. See f.ex. 

I guess your VTS dataset is written as a rectilinear grid with 
non-uniform spacing? (I have never used this viewer)

Maybe they simply have added this support (or a workaround) in the 
latest 4.2 series? And that volume rendering of VTS data is not possible 
in your 3.x version?


On 16. april 2015 20:50, Sanjay Kharche wrote:
> Hi
> I have 3D output in vts format produced using PetscViewerVTKopen and 
> VecView. I cannot volume render the data using paraview 3.x. The latest 
> version of paraview (4.2.x) can visualise it.
> How can I make 3D vts output that is compatible with paraview 3.x?
> thanks
> Sanjay

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