[petsc-users] Tao iterations

Barry Smith bsmith at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Apr 10 16:42:55 CDT 2015


    Sorry TAO simply doesn't even collect this information currently. But yes we should definitely make it available!


     Could you please add this; almost all the TaoSolve_xxx() have a local variable iter; change that to tao->niter (I'm guess this is suppose to capture this information) and add a TaoGetIterationNumber() and the uses can access this. Also modify at the end of TaoSolve() -tao_converged_reason to also print the iteration count. At the same time since you add this you can add a tao->totalits which would accumulate all iterations over all the solves for that Tao object and the routine TaoGetTotalIterations() to access this.  Note that TaoSolve() would initialize tao->niter = 0 at the top.



> On Apr 10, 2015, at 4:16 PM, Justin Chang <jchang27 at uh.edu> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Is there a way to generically obtain the number of Tao iterations? I am looking through the -help options for Tao and I don't see any metric where you can output this quantity in the manner that you could for SNES or KSP solves. I am currently using blmvm and tron, and the only way I can see getting this metric is by outputting -tao_view and/or -tao_monitor and manually finding this number. I find this cumbersome especially for transient problems where I would like to simply have this number printed for each step instead of ending up with unnecessary info.
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