[petsc-users] Stencil width for a 13 point 4th order stencil

Alletto, John M john.m.alletto at lmco.com
Mon Sep 22 16:02:32 CDT 2014


I have two code baseline one uses a standard 7 point STAR stencil the other a 13 point Star stencil.

The first baseline works the second comes back with errors MatSetValuesStencil
Argument out of range

In the second baseline I have a fourth order 13 point stencil which spans +- 2 in all direction from each 3D point of my data set.

stw = 2
I set the width in  DMDACreate3d( ....dof,stw, 0, 0, 0, &da)

Does a larger stencil need to be quantified or declare in another location?


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