[petsc-users] Force running petsc sequentially

Florian Lindner mailinglists at xgm.de
Tue Sep 16 06:37:59 CDT 2014


I'm currently replacing an RBF implementation with petsc linear algebra. The program itself runs parallel using MPI but the piece of code I work on runs strictly sequentially without making any use of MPI, just the same code on every node. Right now we're more interessted in patsc sparse matrix abilities then in its parallelization. Though parallelization is certainly interesting later....

What is the best way to run petsc sequentially?

1) MatSetType the matrix to MATSEQSBAIJ e.g. -> expects MPI communicator of size 1.
2)  MatSetSizes(matrix, n, n, n, n) does not work.
2) MatCreate not with PETSC_COMM_WORLD but with the communicator of size 1. Where do I get it from? (probably MPI_Comm_create and friends)

Is there another more petsc like way?


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