[petsc-users] Using PETSC iterative solvers for a multiple righthand side problem

Kirill Voronin kvoronin at labchem.sscc.ru
Tue Nov 25 05:14:33 CST 2014

Hello everyone!

Roughly speaking, the question is - what are the possibilities to solve
the linear system Ax = b with multiple righthand sides?

I am solving using PETSC a linear system Ax = b. Solution method is
BiCGStab with my user-defined preconditioner.

Can I somehow exploit the fact that I will need to solve a lot of systems
with the same matrix but different righthand sides?
I mean, can I simultaneously calculate all the solution vectors for all
righthand sides like it is done, e.g., in PARDISO?

As far as I understand, the only way is to call KSP_solve in a loop over
all righthand sides, each time finding only one solution for the current
righthand side (changing inside the loop). Am I right?

I would greatly appreciate any help! Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

Kirill Voronin

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