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On Thu, May 1, 2014 at 6:14 PM, Miguel Angel Salazar de Troya <
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> Hello everybody
> I want to implement an adaptive mesh refinement library in a code written
> in petsc. I have checked out some of the available libraries, but I want to
> work with the latest petsc-dev version and I am sure there will be many
> incompatibilities. So far I think I'll end up working with one of these
> libraries: SAMRAI, Chombo, libMesh and deal II. Before I start checking out
> each of them and learn how to use them I though I would ask you guys which
> one you would recommend. My code would be a finite element analysis in
> solid mechanics. I would like to take full advantage of petsc capabilities,
> but I would not mind start with some restrictions. I hope my question is
> not too broad.

SAMRAI, Chombo, and Deal II are all structured adaptive refinement codes,
whereas LibMesh is unstructured. If you want unstructured, there is
really no other game in town. If you use deal II, I would suggest trying
out p4est underneath which gives great scalability. My understanding
is that Chombo is mostly used for finite volume and SAMRAI and deal II for
finite element, but this could be out of date.


> Take care
> Miguel
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