[petsc-users] function that returns the coordinates in the DMDA group?

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The FAQ indicates:

                The MPI_Cart_create() first divides the mesh along the z direction, then the y, then the x. DMDA divides along the x, then y, then z.

Is there a PETSc function call that returns the coordinates of the calling process in the DMDA group?

I am not sure I understand exactly what you want. Can you do a small 2D example, with 4 or 6 cells?

In a 2D DMDA, my understanding is that the process ranks would be arranged as:

2   3
0   1

I would like to be able to call some function and have it return coordinates:

[Rank 0] (x,y)  = (0, 0)
[Rank 1] (x,y)  = (0, 1)
[Rank 2] (x,y)  = (1, 0)
[Rank 3] (x,y)  = (1, 1)





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