[petsc-users] reg: Eigenvectors of general complex eigen value problem

venkatesh g venkateshgk.j at gmail.com
Sun Mar 23 06:56:57 CDT 2014


I am using SLEPC example EX7.C, I am using complex binary matrices A and B
written from matlab using Petscbinarywrite.m.

I ran the example using "./ex7 -f1 A -f2 B -eps_type krylovschur -st_type
sinvert -evecs out.mat -eps_smallest_magnitude"

My plotted my eigenvectors using Petscbinaryread and comparing them to
MATLAB's eigs command.

It is wrong. It is right only if I use real matrices A and B.

I compiled Petsc for complex scalars. How to get the correct eigenvectors
for complex matrices, please note my eigenvalue is right but not my

Any help is greatly appreciated! Kindly help me out.

Sr. Research Fellow
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