[petsc-users] How to use command line option for separate matrix

TAY wee-beng zonexo at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 01:58:37 CDT 2014

Hi Barry,

My command line is :

mpiexec -np 46 ./a.out -options_left -poisson_ksp_view -poisson_ksp_type 
gmres -poisson_pc_type hypre -poisson_pc_type_hypre boomeramg > log

My result is :

/*KSP Object:(poisson_) 46 MPI processes
   type: gmres
     GMRES: restart=30, using Classical (unmodified) Gram-Schmidt 
Orthogonalization with no iterative refinement
     GMRES: happy breakdown tolerance 1e-30
   maximum iterations=10000, initial guess is zero
   tolerances:  relative=1e-05, absolute=1e-50, divergence=10000
   left preconditioning
   using PRECONDITIONED norm type for convergence test
PC Object:(poisson_) 46 MPI processes
   type: hypre
     HYPRE BoomerAMG preconditioning
     HYPRE BoomerAMG: Cycle type V
     HYPRE BoomerAMG: Maximum number of levels 25
     HYPRE BoomerAMG: Maximum number of iterations PER hypre call 1
     HYPRE BoomerAMG: Convergence tolerance PER hypre call 0
     HYPRE BoomerAMG: Threshold for strong coupling 0.25
     HYPRE BoomerAMG: Interpolation truncation factor 0
     HYPRE BoomerAMG: Interpolation: max elements per row 0
     HYPRE BoomerAMG: Number of levels of aggressive coarsening 0
     HYPRE BoomerAMG: Number of paths for aggressive coarsening 1
     HYPRE BoomerAMG: Maximum row sums 0.9
     HYPRE BoomerAMG: Sweeps down         1
     HYPRE BoomerAMG: Sweeps up           1
     HYPRE BoomerAMG: Sweeps on coarse    1
     HYPRE BoomerAMG: Relax down          symmetric-SOR/Jacobi
     HYPRE BoomerAMG: Relax up            symmetric-SOR/Jacobi
     HYPRE BoomerAMG: Relax on coarse     Gaussian-elimination
     HYPRE BoomerAMG: Relax weight  (all)      1
     HYPRE BoomerAMG: Outer relax weight (all) 1
     HYPRE BoomerAMG: Using CF-relaxation
     HYPRE BoomerAMG: Measure type        local
     HYPRE BoomerAMG: Coarsen type        Falgout
     HYPRE BoomerAMG: Interpolation type  classical
   linear system matrix = precond matrix:
   Matrix Object:   46 MPI processes

*//**//*#PETSc Option Table entries:
-poisson_ksp_type gmres
-poisson_pc_type hypre
-poisson_pc_type_hypre boomeramg
#End of PETSc Option Table entries
There is one unused database option. It is:
Option left: name:-poisson_pc_type_hypre value: boomeramg*/

It seems that it is using boomeramg but why does it say "one unused 
database option"?

Did I do something wrong?

Also if only my RHS of the Poisson eqn's changes, do I set the ksp and 
pc once at the start? E.g. :

call KSPSetType(ksp,ksptype,ierr)


call PCSetType(pc,'hypre',ierr)

call PCHYPREGetType(pc,'boomeramg',ierr)

or do I have to do it at each time step?

Thank you

Yours sincerely,

TAY wee-beng

On 18/3/2014 2:23 AM, Barry Smith wrote:
>   Yes. You can run with -poisson_ksp_view and -options_left to make sure the options you provide are actually used.
>     Barry
> On Mar 17, 2014, at 9:39 AM, TAY wee-beng <zonexo at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I use
>> call KSPSetOptionsPrefix(ksp_semi_xyz,"momentum_",ierr)
>> and
>> call KSPSetOptionsPrefix(ksp,"poisson_",ierr)
>> so that I can choose separate ksp/pc options for my momentum and poisson equations through command line e.g.
>> -poisson_ksp_type gmres -poisson_pc_type hypre -poisson_pc_type_hypre boomeramg
>> In general, I need to use boomeramg as the preconditioner and gmres as the solver for my poisson eqn, separate from my momentum eqn, which has its own default pc and ksp. Is the above the correct way?
>> Thanks!
>> -- 
>> Yours sincerely,
>> TAY wee-beng

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