[petsc-users] Vec Set DM and Mat Set DM

Jed Brown jed at jedbrown.org
Sat Jun 21 17:43:27 CDT 2014

"Sun, Hui" <hus003 at ucsd.edu> writes:

> If I have a DM object with dof=3. So in each grid point, there are 3 components. Now if I set a Mat according to this DM object, I have something like: 
> MatSetValuesStencil(jac,1,&row,5,col,v,INSERT_VALUES);
> What shall I put in col? Usually I should have something like: 
> col[0].i = i;   col[0].j = j-1;   col[1].i = i;   col[1].j = j;   etc  ...
> But now I want to do something like:
> col[0].i.u = i;   col[0].j.u = j-1;   col[0].i.v = i;   col[0].j.v = j-1;   col[0].i.p = i;   col[0].j.p = j-1;   etc  ...

MatStencil has col[0].c = 0 {1,2,...}, but I recommend using
MatSetValuesBlockedStencil() if possible.
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