[petsc-users] tridiagonal matrix in kspsolve

Shriram Srinivasan shriram at ualberta.ca
Tue Jun 10 17:54:40 CDT 2014

Apologies if my question  is answered elsewhere already. I could not 
find this discussed in the manual or mailing list.

I have been using matsolvermumps through ksp to solve my linear system. 
I wanted to simply get it working so I was not concerned about the 
structure of the matrix.

1) My matrix is tridiagonal, but the elements of the diagonals are not 
all equal.  Will a dedicated tridiagonal solver   be faster than 
matsolvermumps in this case ?

2) My matrix is tridiagonal but not in the conventional sense, the minor 
diagonals are farther apart. But it is possible to renumber the nodes 
and make it a conventional tridiagonal system. In this case, again, am I 
losing efficiency using matsolvermumps ?

Please advise if you recommend a completely different course of action.


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