[petsc-users] Prometheus vs GAMG for elasticity/plasticity problems

Jed Brown jed at jedbrown.org
Mon Jan 27 09:34:58 CST 2014

Thomas Gross <tgross at ilsb.tuwien.ac.at> writes:

> Dear petsc users/developers,
> I am using petsc in a parallel FEAP framework (http://www.ce.berkeley.edu/projects/feap/) for mechanics oriented problems (mainly linear elasticity or plasticity).
> In earlier petsc versions (3.2.7) I always used the petsc options:
> -ksp_type cg -pc_type prometheus (with standard settings) and achieved a great level of performance.
> After updating to petsc 3.4.3, where the “Prometheus” preconditioner was replaced by “GAMG”, I can not reach the same level of performance. My settings are:
> -ksp_type cg -pc_type gamg -pc_gamg_type agg -pc_gamg_agg_nsmooths 1 (settings recommended for FEAP).
> Is there a set of GAMG settings, which are equivalent to the standard Prometheus settings?

Please send -log_summary -ksp_monitor -ksp_view output for both cases.
Make sure to use the same smoother you used with Prometheus.
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