[petsc-users] Fixing a non Delaunay mesh

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On Thu, Jan 16, 2014 at 2:41 PM, Dharmendar Reddy
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> Hello,
>          I there a way to fix a non Delauny mesh via call to any
> DMPLex routine ?
> I am looking at this scenario.
> I calculate the orthocenter of each element. If i find that for some
> elements, the othocenter is outside the element, is there any way i
> can fix it via a call to DMPLEx routine or do i have to go back to the
> mesher and regenerate the mesh ?

"Flipping" to enforce the Delaunay condition is useful, but can be costly
and involve
large changes to the structure. Thus you want something like the heap
structures used
in Triangle. Thus I do not think it belongs in PETSc.

However, you can use DMRefine() with a large cell tolerance to just do


> Thanks
> Reddy

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