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Jubilee Newsletter

Issue No. 3 - January 2014

Dear Movie Lover,

You are receiving my newsletter because you purchased or expressed interest in a movie at Jubilee DVDs.  If you don't want to receive the newsletter, just click on the unsubscribe link at the top of the page and you won't get any more emails.  I hope you enjoyed your movie and are interested in the new titles being added at the website. This newsletter will give you some insight as to what's new.

I have always loved old movies and have always felt a special connection to others who truly enjoy the golden age of Hollywood.  I am interested in hearing from you.  Let me know how much you enjoyed your movie and if there are movies you are looking for.  I might be able to help.


Jubilee DVDs

New Additions

These links will take you to some of the movies that have been added recently.

[California Passage (1950)](http://www.jubileedvds.com/California-Passage-1950-DVD-W12320081215.htm?categoryId=-1)
[Cast A Long Shadow (1959)](http://www.jubileedvds.com/Cast-A-Long-Shadow-1959-DVD-W7282010355.htm?categoryId=-1)
[Child of Manhattan (1933)](http://www.jubileedvds.com/Child-of-Manhattan-1933-DVD-W7232010230.htm?categoryId=-1)
[Condemned (1929)](http://www.jubileedvds.com/Condemned-1929-DVD-W1102011136.htm?categoryId=-1)
[Cry, The Beloved Country (1951)](http://www.jubileedvds.com/Cry-The-Beloved-Country-1951-DVD-W7142010406.htm?categoryId=-1)
[Bad Attitudes (1991)](http://www.jubileedvds.com/Bad-Attitudes-1991-DVD-W21420091001.htm?categoryId=-1)
[Bernardine (1957)](http://www.jubileedvds.com/searchquick-submit.sc?keywords=Bernardine)
[Blanche Fury (1948)](http://www.jubileedvds.com/Blanche-Fury-1948-DVD-W3262009419.htm?categoryId=-1)

Best Sellers

These are the movies that have been selling the best.

[Miracle on 34th Street (1973)](http://www.jubileedvds.com/Miracle-On-34th-Street-1973-DVD-M11520121227.htm?categoryId=-1)
[Only Yesterday (1933)](http://www.jubileedvds.com/Only-Yesterday-1933-DVD-R71820081009.htm?categoryId=-1)
[Frenchman's Creek (1944)](http://www.jubileedvds.com/Frenchmans-Creek-1944-DVD-U552008706.htm?categoryId=-1)
[Once Upon A Mattress (1964)](http://www.jubileedvds.com/Once-Upon-A-Mattress-1964-DVD-S5162013959.htm?categoryId=-1)
[King of the Khyber Rifles (1953)](http://www.jubileedvds.com/King-of-the-Khyber-Rifles-1953-DVD-U1282011449.htm?categoryId=-1)
[Buck Benny Rides Again (1940)](http://www.jubileedvds.com/Buck-Benny-Rides-Again-1940-DVD-S3720121009.htm?categoryId=-1)

Safe Payments

When you place an order at Jubilee DVDs, an invoice is sent to your email address. From the invoice you can link to a very secure location where you may checkout using any credit card. With this type of checkout, you may pay your invoice anytime you wish or you may mail your payment to me with a check or money order. Friendly reminders are sent to let you know that you have an invoice waiting. You may cancel the invoice at any time.  This type of payment processing is not the norm for online shopping but I feel it offers you an added level of security as well as convenience.  You may return your merchandise for a full refund at any time during the first 30 days after purchase.

Of Interest...

Erik Aaes was an art director born in 1899 in Denmark.  He was the designer of imaginative sets for films of Cavalcanti, Renoir, and Dreyer, among others.

[Ordet (1955)](http://www.jubileedvds.com/searchquick-submit.sc?keywords=Ordet)
[Herr Puntila und sein Knecht Matti (1955)](http://www.jubileedvds.com/Herr-Puntila-und-sein-Knecht-Matti-1960-DVD-S1152012239.htm?categoryId=-1)
[Hidden Fear (1957)](http://www.jubileedvds.com/Hidden-Fear-1957-DVD-M1142012530.htm?categoryId=-1)
[I A Woman (1965)](http://www.jubileedvds.com/I-A-Woman-1965-DVD-O1192012937.htm?categoryId=-1)

Movie Spotlight

[...und abends in die Scala (1958)](http://www.jubileedvds.com/und-abends-in-die-Scala-1958-DVD-R22020111016.htm?categoryId=-1)

Gloria del Castro is a successful record star, whose voice enchants the world. But till now, no one has seen her face. Even the tabloid reporters haven't been able to get a photograph of the singer. Only her manager, Spadolini, knows the star's secret: Gloria's real name is Yvette and she's the wife of the French Minister for Family Affairs, who has no idea about the double life his wife is leading. The minister would never approve of his wife's career choice. When a marital crisis between the two raises its ugly head, manager Spadolini crosses his fingers that there'll be a divorce, so that Gloria (Yvette) can finally appear in public. He hastily signs a contract for her at the new Berlin "Scala", but the pair reconciles and Gloria has no intention of appearing in public.

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Jubilee DVDs is a film archive ready to serve you. I want and appreciate your business. I want to grow to be a trusted and reliable service to you and your friends and family. I strive to collect only the best prints of the titles offered.

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