[petsc-users] DMPlexCreateGmsh

Dharmendar Reddy dharmareddy84 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 10 15:44:40 CST 2014

        I have a question and feature request regarding DMPlexCreateGmsh.

Gmsh, mesh format outputs, physical regions in the mesh as
For example in the a particular 2 d mesh with eight physical regions
it may look like the one below
1 1 "RegionName1"
1 2 "RegionName2"
1 3 "RegionName3"
2 4 "RegionName4"
2 5 "RegionName5"
2 6 "RegionName6"
2 7 "RegionName7"
2 8 "RegionName8"

It would be nice to have the DMPLexCreateGmsh process this information.

The first number in each row of name is the topological dimension (tdim),

If the code can group all the regions with dimension < mesh dimension
(meshDim) as "Boundary"  and all regions with dimension =
meshDimension as "Region"

Gmsh outputs (if requested) the lower dimension cells in regions with
tdim  < meshDim. If interpolate mesh is enabled, i would like to have
cells of boundary region, which in the above example will be lines and
points, included in the boundary strata with global numbering for the

This ways the total number of Cells in the mesh will be : NumNodes +
NumLines+ NumTriangles or NumNodes+ NumTriangles (if interpolate is

In the Current implementation, correct me if i am wrong, I see the the
total number of cells = numNodes + (some Lines which are elements of
the lower dimensional regions) + numTriangles



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